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English grammar tenses rules


tenses rules, tenses chart



  1. a set of forms taken by a verb to indicate the time (and sometimes also the continuance or completeness) of the action in relation to the time of the utterance.
    "the future tense"

Tense is a form of verb which tells us about the time of an action.

Tense is 3 types.





Past Tense = When any action happens in past that’s call Past Tense.

Ex- You were in class vii last year.

 Present Tense = When any action happens in present that’s call Present Tense.

Ex- You are in class viii this year.

 Future Tense = when any action happens in future that’s call Future Tense.

Ex=You will be in class ix next year.

Answer these simple questions 👇

1. I wrote a letter.

... Answer is Past Tense

2. I will be there in 5 minutes.

... Answer is Future Tense

3. I used to do paintings.

... Answer is Past Tense

4. Ram likes to play cricket.

... Answer is Present Tense



     1) Present Indefinite or Simple, 2) Present Continuous or Progressive, 3) Present Perfect, 4) Present Perfect Continuous



Present Indefinite or Simple = He reads English, I play football, We are students.

Present Continuous or Progressive = They are playing in the field, He is not reading English now, Is he eating rice now?

 Present Perfect = He has eaten rice, They have heard the sound, You have done it.

 Present Perfect Continuous = He has been sleeping since evening, You have been reading for an hour, They have been playing for an hour.



1    1)Past Indefinite or Simple, 2) Past Continuous or Progressive, 3) Past Perfect, 4) Past Perfect Continuous


Past Indefinite or Simple = He saw a Tiger, She wrote a letter, We drank tea.

Past Continuous or Progressive = He was writing a letter, They were playing football, He was playing cricket with his friends.

Past Perfect = He had finished the work before I went, Had not Ram read English before he read History, Who had helped you before your friends came?

Past Perfect Continuous = He had been reading English for three hours, They had been working since dawn.



1     1)   Future Indefinite or Simple, 2) Future Continuous or Progressive, 3) Future Perfect, 4) Future Perfect Continuous


Future Indefinite or Simple = He will go today, Ram will go to school tomorrow.

Future Continuous or Progressive = He will be eating rice, I shall be singing, They will be dancing.

Future Perfect = He will have finished it by the evening, He will not have finished the work by then, Will he have done it.

Future Perfect Continuous = I shall have been eating, Will not Ram have eaten rice?       

check your knowledge

5. Why has he been talking to Ram for an hour? .

... Answer is Present perfect continuous

6. Did not he write a letter? .

... Answer is Past indefinite

7. she had done her works. .

... Answer is Past perfect

8. I will be there in just 5 minutes.

... Answer is Future indefinite

9.When will you complete your work?

... Answer is Future perfect

10. She will be doing that.

... Answer is Future continuous.