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List of American slang you need to know:

list of american slang words

(1) Basic (adjective)-
An insult that means something or someone is boring, unsophisticated, stupid or uncool. Not to be confused with the “regular” definition of basic: simple or fundamental.

Example: “Let’s get out of here, this party is basic.”

(2) Cray/Cray Cray (adjective)-
Shortened version of crazy – something wild or out of control.

Example: “The new BeyoncĂ© album is cray.”

(3) Epic (adjective)-
Especially awesome, big, strong or incredible.

Example: “Did you see that cool car? So epic.”

(4) Greek life (noun)-
The collection of fraternities or sororities which are campus social organizations for male or female students. Each fraternity or sorority has a name made of Greek letters, such as alpha or beta.

Example: “I heard the Greek life on campus is supposed to be pretty fun.”

(5) For real (phrase)-
There are three ways to use this phrase: to agree with someone, emphasize a statement or ask if someone is serious.

Example: “This is my favorite class so far!” “For real.”

(6) Hit the books (verb)-
To study. Can also mean to do homework (assignments meant to be done outside of class).

Example: “The big test is coming up. Time to hit the books.”

(7) Jerk (adjective)-
An insult for someone who is mean, selfish or inconsiderate.

Example: “That jerk just ate all of my French fries. How rude.”

(8) Legit (adjective)-
Something that’s good or worthwhile. Short for legitimate (meaning authentic or real).

Example: “Did you see this season of Game of Thrones? Pretty legit.”

(9) Mix-up (noun)-
A mistake or misunderstanding that causes confusion.

Example: “There was a mix-up and I accidentally did the wrong assignment for today’s class.”

(10) No sweat (phrase)-
A way to say that something is easy or not a problem, such as when someone asks for your help with something.

Example: “Can you help me with my English paper?” “Sure, no sweat.”

(11) Quad (noun)-
A square space surrounded by buildings, often on a college campus.

Example: “Meet me after class on the quad so we can play soccer.”

(12) What’s up? (greeting)-
A way to say hello or ask someone what they’re doing.

Example: “Hey, what’s up?” “Not much, just got out of math class.”

(13)Awesome= something is wonderful or amazing

Eg. They had an awesome task ahead.

(14) Cool= great or fantastic

Eg.  You’re so cool!

(15) Dude= guy

Eg. Hey, dude, what’s up?

(16) Beat = to win

Eg. You were born to beat!

(17) To Hang Out= spend some time together

Eg.  I am not going to hang out with him anymore because he is sleazy.

(18)Wheels = car

Eg. He got some really nice wheels for his 18th birthday.

(19) Hot = attractive

Eg. She’ so hot in that dress!

(20) Go banana = go crazy

Eg. I will go bananas if my team wins the championship!

(21) To Have a Crush = you’re attracted to somebody and would like them to be more than just your friend.

Eg. It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone – but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

(22) Kicks = shoes

Eg. I’ve got new kicks, are they nice?

(23) My bad = my mistake

Eg. Sorry, it’s my bad to leave you alone at the party.

(24) Boo = boyfriend or girlfriend

Eg. She is my boo.

(25) Creeper = a weird person

Eg. He is talking to a goose, such a creeper!

(26) Hooked= you’re addicted to something and you can’t get enough

Eg. I got hooked on TV when I was sick.

(27) Sick = Cool

Eg. You’re so sick!

(28) Ripped = torn

Eg. The flags had been ripped in two.

(29) Dunno = I don’t know

Eg. I dunno what you are talking about.

(30) Keep it real = be yourself

Eg. Keep it real! I believe you can do it!

(31) Bro= friend

Eg. Hey bro, what’re you doing?

(32) Pro = Professional

Eg. She’s a real pro.

(33) Croak = to die

Eg. She was croaked in the age of 45.

(34) Dope = stupid person

Eg. You’re a dope!

(35) Crash = sleep

Eg. She was crashing at a friend’s house after the party.

(36) Gig = job or work

Eg. She makes a bundle at her current gig.

(37) Chicken = cowardly

Eg. “He’s too much of a chicken to try that jump!” Tim said snidely.

(38) Idiot box = the television

Eg. He spends too much time indoors in front of the idiot box.

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