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Words are divided into different kinds or classes according to the work or the purpose that they are used for.
The different kinds of words are called Parts of speech.

The total number of parts of speech is 8.


                                    1) NOUN

A Noun is a word used for giving a name to some person or thing.

example- This is a dog.(Here dog is a noun)
                That is a cow.( Here cow is a noun)

                                    2) PRONOUN

A Pronoun is a word used instead of a Noun.

example- Mina is a student. She is going to school.(Here She is a pronoun)
                I am ill. (Here i is a pronoun)
                We are going there. (Here we is a pronoun)

                                    3) ADJECTIVE

An Adjective is a word used to add something to the meaning of a noun.
An Adjective is a word used for qualifying(or adding something to) the meaning of a noun or pronoun. An Adjective is a qualifying word.

example- Harry is a brave boy. (Here brave is a adjective)
                David is a wicked boy. (Here wicked is a adjective)
                Ritwik has two cars. (Here two is a adjective)

good            bad
long             short
fat                lean
sweet           sour
deep            shallow
new             old
soft             hard
rich             poor

                                    4) VERB

A Verb is a word used for saying something about a person or thing.

example- The monkey jumps.(Here jumps is a verb)
                The sun shines.(Here shines is a verb)
                The dog barks. (Here barks is a verb)

sleep             has
show            have
stay              do
say               eat
speak           fall
spell             get
see               give
cut               go
read             break
send            call
take             make

                                    5) ADVERB

An Adverb is a word used for qualifying (or adding something to) the meaning of a verb, Adjective or other Adverb.

example- The sun shines too brightly.(Here too is a adverb)
                He is quite old.(Here quite is a adverb)
                My grandmother walks very slowly. (Here very slowly is a adverb)
                Men shout very loudly. (Here very loudly is a adverb)

again               ago
always             enough
almost             once
after                 never
ever                 today
daily                tomorrow
early                soon

                                    6) PREPOSITION

A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show one person or thing has to do with another person or thing.

example- We see with our eyes. (Here with is a preposition)
                There is a tiger in the forest. (Here in is a preposition)



I live in kolkata.
The sun sets in the west.
I read in the evening.


He  lived at Banikpara.
Come at 5 P.M
Rise at dawn.
They will catch the train at noon.


Put the pen on the table.
I will join my duty on the 12th july.
Strike it on the head.


Let us go to the residence.
Be kind to the poor.
Mina come to me.
He is going to school.


The apple fell from the tree.
I have received a letter from my uncle.
He is coming from kolkata.
Where do you come from?


I shall do it for you.
Father brought sweets for us.
It has been raining for two days.
He is not fit for this job.

                 "BY" , "WITH"

The bird was seen by Ram.
Sit by me.
He is writing with a pen.
He killed a snake with a stick.

                   "BETWEEN" , "AMONG"

Keep this between you and me.
A river flows between it's banks.
The property was equally divided among the four brothers.
The money was divided among six persons.

                    "BESIDE" , "BESIDES"

You came and sat beside me.
He knows Bengali besides Hindi.
Besides advising, I helped him with money.

                                    7) CONJUNCTION

A Conjunction is a word  used for joining one word to another word or one sentence to another sentence.

example- Fire and Water do not agree. (Here and is a conjunction)
                Ram and Rahim are good friends. (Here and is a conjunction)
                David is rich but Sandy is poor. (Here but is a conjunction)

                                    8) INTERJECTION

An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feelings of the mind.

example- Oh! What a good picture. (Here Oh! is a interjection)
                Ah! You have come at last. (Here Ah! is a interjection)
                Hurrah! We have won the match. (Here Hurrah! is a interjection)


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